Friday, August 29, 2014

Gotta making habit to feed

Summer has been incredibly short and such a whirlwind! I have been working occasionally at the local Farmers Market peddling my wares and I love getting to see who is buying my stuff, and how happy it is making them.

As a child, I was THAT kid- asking teachers for more work, and always wanting to explore my talents. I played the flute, and through volunteering during a UIL crisis (I'll save that for another time)- ended up being a percussionist. Now I am devoting most of my time to writing and making stuff.

There is something satisfying to me about seeing something and thinking "Oh, I can make that!" The problem is the more I look at stuff the more I want to make. I guess that's not a bad thing. I mean, it could be worse. These things I see I would rather make because I know that as long as I keep my brain active and keep teaching it things I will be just fine. It does pose a problem in our tiny house, however.

I have supplies for sewing, and needlepoint, thanks to the pillow I made for our wedding; supplies for calligraphy and typing, thanks to my love for beautiful words; a bell set, mallets, drumsticks, electronic keyboard, a flute, guitar, violin, and this awesome victrola for my love of well as craft supplies for scrapbooking, jewlery, and other things I am getting a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it. One of my biggest obstacles has been finsing the right storage for it all, so it is easy and accessible. If anybody has figured the magic solution out, please fill me in.

So, for now...I have everything portable. All my jewelry supplies fit in one bag, and I can take it to my parents studio, or tuck it away in our new cabinet that we got from Ikea. I usually love that place! <- There will be a link to that soon, as I have a funny story to tell. Later, when it is actually funny. Because right now it still is not too funny.

So, I thought this post would be a little of my creative process... Which I really should streamline because I get caught up in all the colors and fun part of creating that I don't make as much as I know I could be creating. But it's hard when you have to get reacquainted with all of your preciouses (I'm channeling Gollum there for a reason) each time you want to make something.

I go to this fun little bead shop in Austin, that really makes me realize just how dangerous this hobby can be. Everything there is so damn beautiful, and the price tag shows it. So I go to the bead soup, after pining over the vintage and antique beauties within the shop, and get a bag or two of surprises. Then the bag sits. Beckoning me to clean and play with all the treasures.
The latest bead soup-looks like a whole lotta nothing.
 But it sure looks pretty in that bowl my Dad made, doesn't it?

Sometimes I will pick out a few beads that I like and make something. Other times, I just pick some beads out to play with, and toss them back in. But the most successful times are those when I actually pick through the beads and they tell me exactly what to make. I am still waiting for that to happen, by the way...

These beads all have a destiny,
but I wasn't finished with my coffee yet, so they are still waiting...

As I was "playing" in my beads, I realized there are so many in the bead soup that I didn't realize were so great! I think the reason for this was that they were all jumbled in together, and we all know that saying about getting lost in a crowd...

Don't they just seem happier?

It was not too big of a chore; organize by color, and a few by type. Now they are all just begging to be made into things to be worn and enjoyed. And I still haven't made anything....yet.

What part of your creative process do you dwell on? For me, it's the organization. I feel as though, once everything has a place, it will all be easier to use.

Thanks for stopping by my little bloggie thingy-and feel free to comment or ask questions! I love feedback!

Living in the rhythm of love...share the bliss!

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