Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whoa-where'd I go!?

Oh my. I can't believe the directions this month has been taking me! Between getting ready for a week long cub scout campout (oh yeah, we're crazy) our juicy journey, and spring being here (gardening time!) I have neglected this bloggie thingie a bit.

So how about a bit of an update before I get to business? 

We finished our juice, and are feeling good! We've decided to do our own version of the reboot, and have been working in healthy recipes while juicing. We've loved the juicing so much so that we are going to try and make it a part of our everyday routine. 

It was hard to think that this jar would make us feel full, but it was bizarre. We weren't hungry....I sure missed my coffee, but I learned that the coffee was actually making it hard for our bodies to absorb nutrients we were eating.

The green juice was one of our favorites for the morning. It energized us, and really kept us going till our lunch juice.

As seen by the in-progress photo here...I began to enjoy the juices in a different way. As I would wash all the veggies and fruits to juice it was as if I could feel my body absorbing the smells better and the colors became more vivid. I would toss in a beet, and giggle in excitement as the aroma filled my nose. The joy came when I was finished juicing and cleaning the machine, and could take that first sip of juicy goodness.

The combinations are endless and experimenting with flavors can be fun-especially if you can tolerate a few not so tasty blends. Oh yeah, I had those too. The ones that Jon would say, in his ever so encouraging way; "just chug it babe, you gotta drink it"

If you are thinking of juicing I would highly recommend it. If you need to lose a bit of belly, then a proper cleanse can really help. My next post I'll let in on just how much I lost in the 5 day cleanse!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Juicy Journey: Day 3 Update

It is day three of our Juicy Journey, and I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. Still don't have that wonderful splurge of purported energy to happen any day now...but I'm ready for it!

Yesterday was rough. Silly me thought it would be wise to do a little workout in the morning. It was yoga, and it made me woozy! The afternoon was the hardest part of the day-a headache like nobody's business, and a few food cravings. Nothing too bad, but I did start to wonder how long we could actually go.

The most surprising part-I haven't been hungry. Bizarre, I know! We drink hot water with lemon in the morning, while I get the fruits and veggies ready to go. Take the pup on a walk, and then juice. A couple large glasses of water and some coconut water to get us to lunch...and then a juice at lunch. Followed by more water and coconut water. Then we make a dinner juice, I make food for our Shi guy and after even more water we have tea before bed with lemon and ginger. Other than missing crunching into food, and popcorn for family movie night, and the feel of a grilled burrito...I don't feel like I'm missing out too much.

I do know this: We are super excited to plan our meals for when we get off this cleanse! Once I get that energy back-it'll be time to finish up my Menu Board!

This was our first juice! Just look at that greenage! 

I'd love some recipes if you've done a juice or know of anybody who has!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Habits?

I can't believe it is already Week 5 of the Slim by the Summer challenge I joined! I have been able to meet some great ladies and have enjoyed all the encouragement and new blogs to read!

This week's theme is.....

I have to say, lately we have gotten better. I am not big on fast food, but I sure love fried chicken, and my husband knows he can usually just say the words "why not take a break tonight" and we go to our favorite spot for a Taco salad or fried chicken, or my absolute guilty pleasure- chicken fried steak.

Ok. I have to stop talking about all that bad food! So, lately when he says those words I have learned to love... I suggest a restaurant that has something I know I won't blow my workout/goal for the day. We are learning to plan our guilty pleasures for more rare occasions, and when we are both feeling stressed and would rather grab something quick, I try to stick to Thai soups and stir frys, Mexican Tortilla Soup, or talk the hubs into salad at home followed by some Frozen Bananas!  And my little reward system has been a great motivator for myself. My jar is looking nice!

Of course, right now we are doing a juice eating out is just not an option.

On another I know it can be so hard to eat well when on vacation. What I've tried doing there is planning as much as possible before we go. I look for healthy restaurants in the area we will be in, and plan as many meals as possible to cook in our living arrangements. If it is camping, we take a dutch oven and lots of veggies and hotels I've been known to bring my sandwich press and our water kettle to blanch veggies-but if it is a long term stay we usually get a place with at least a kitchenette.

What are your tricks? And what treats do you allow? Are you a no-drive-thru type, or a sometimes? We've said no to drive-thrus since the new year and I hope to keep it that way!

Monday, February 18, 2013

It is about to get juicy!

I talked my husband into watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead...and before we were half way through he declared "Oh we can definitely do this."

So thank goodness, I don't have to try and do this by myself!

We bought a juicer yesterday, and I can't wait to wake up and drink our first glass of micro-nutrient rich juice!

The funny, and sad thing is...we had been planning on a wine and cheese night together, but while watching the film, we both decided we no longer wanted the wine and cheese!

The plan was to start the 15 day reboot from Joe Cross, but after he watched the film the hubs said he would be fine just juicing, and not starting with a vegetarian spread of foods mixed with juicing the first 5 days.

I recently won Sprouts Defy it with Your Diet, and a gift card to sprouts-so I was lucky enough to be able to use that to start our cleanse with!

I couldn't believe how much it would take for the first few days. I am expecting this amount to last us through Wednesday.

The trunk was full! But since it was full of great things for us, it felt good...I usually feel bad after checking out at the grocery store, but I was actually happy this time.

If you have ever cleansed, or detoxed you know the first few days are the I will do my darndest to keep up with the whole ordeal-and if I am cranky, I am sorry. I am a caffeine addict, and that is hard stuff to give up.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join me for our Juicy Journey! Will you join me?

Some Juicy News

A quick post, today. We bought a juicer! I am so excited! I am currently mapping out our quest for better health and will be back later tonight to share with you the details!

I will be documenting our Juicy Journey, and can't wait to see what happens!

I watched Hungry For Change on Netflix, and then Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, also on Netflix. Talked to my Husband about the desire for us to change our lifestyle, and now he is on board!

We're going to the store I'll be back later with some eye candy for you!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My New Favorite Recipe- Blueberry Banana "Ice Cream"

Blueberry Banana "Ice Cream" Delish!
As a part of the Slim by Summer challenge we are supposed to share a recipe. This one is one that I love because it is a treat that is so versatile!

Banana "Ice Cream" 
(this makes just enough to share)

Two frozen bananas sliced, and frozen for at least a couple hours
Almond Milk
Vanilla Extract or Bean

Puree bananas with a food processor until crumbly, add additional ingredients and puree until creamy. Then enjoy!

THAT'S IT! There aren't any measurements because I eyeball the amounts. Bananas are all different sizes, and sometimes you need more almond milk than others. You can make this without almond milk, but adding a splash makes the Ice Cream creamier. All you really NEED are bananas, but I love it with a bit of vanilla, and blueberries. Or peanut butter and cocoa powder....or raspberries and cacao nibs...the possibilities are endless!

What it looks like when I can't help but "try" a big spoon!

For future treats freeze in ice cube trays (shaped ones are fun for kiddos)
 and make a bigger batch to enjoy later on! 

Have you tried this? Let me know how it worked out, and your favorite flavor combinations!

~Live in the Rhythm of Love, and share the Bliss!
<3 ~Cassie

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am hungry for change, you should be too!

It's true...I am ready for a change. Since joining the slim by summer group, I've realized that I need to make some core changes. My routine needs some shaping, as does my grocery list.

I've been sick. Really sick, the bulk of this week, and it's been a while since I've been this sick. I think it is partially due to my diet. No, I'm not ON a diet...but my diet is lacking. I used to detox regularly and make sure I got enough fruits and veggies, but now I am more worried about what I feed my family, and just forget to eat most of the time...not good.

I think my body reacts by holding onto everything I give it, and craving carbs...and lots of them.

While I was sick, and not writing my blog...please forgive me, I am sorry... I watched a few movies, and then, this one stuck out Hungry For Change.

If you haven't watched it, please do. If you want to be healthy, then you want to watch it.

Needless to say, I am changing my mornings from starting with coffee and sugar, to a healthy shake, and exercise first thing. No more low fat, or low cal foods in this more processed crap making us fat. I am changing our lives, and filling it with more of the good stuff we need.

Don't diet, don't starve yourself of the good healthy foods you love...fill your body with all the goodness of nature and change with me! I can't wait!
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