Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get in my Wardrobe!

I don't go shopping too much, and when I do- I prefer Thrift stores, or Target. I have an issue with paying too much for clothes, and love finding great deals! is a bit of something I'd definitely be seen in! Love the entire wardrobe, and I think it all is from Target! (No I don't get kickbacks...I just love their sale prices) ^_^


Springspiration by ditzyleopard featuring a cross body shoulder bag

Yeah, it's about time to get my spring shopping on! Tee hee!

Much Love,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Break the Mundanity

Variety is the spice of life, right?

Oh yes. From the vegetables in your garden and your plate, to the spices in your cooking- variety is key!

So why wouldn't your workout need the same? It does! You can't focus on arms everyday, nor legs...mix it up! Trying to target one area of your body will drive you bonkers, as will doign the same routine day after day....unless you are a heartless robot. Then it is probably ok.

So in honor of the Slim by Summer theme this week, I am breaking the rules and saying NO to a routine! I want to mix it up, and keep it fun. Otherwise, I know I will get bored and so will my muscles!

I've made a Pinterest Board so you can see what I'm doing and Feel the Burn along with me!

This was today's Thinspiration- I did everything on the list!

And tomorrow....

Do you have a routine? Or do you like mixing it up?

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Even Adults Need a Reward Once in a While!

This is day three of my participation in Slim by the Summer with some Lovely Ladies... you can join us too!

After reading Misty's blog that was full of such honesty and inspiration, I was reminded that in this journey we have to figure out a way to keep us going.

What better than a reward system, right? I mean the biggest reward will be when I go and buy that bathing suit and enjoy trying on suits...when's the last time I looked forward to trying on swimsuits? Uh...probably 2010, or was it 2009? I don't remember. What I do remember is that rewards work wonders when trying to inspire our kiddo to do his chores and remember things to help himself. are my ideas:
  • Once I hit my 1/4 mark, meaning I've lost a 1/4 of my goal weight...I'm going to let myself, once a week- so something for me. 30 Minutes of reading, or lunch with a friend, or something I've been wanting to do.
  • When I hit my 1/2 way mark, it'll be a date with the Hubs! I'm hoping to be at the 1/2 way by April, and that will be just in time for his Birthday! I've got it planned, a picnic at the river, just us and our doggie. Sounds fun, right?
  • 3/4 mark-will probably be the beginning of the plateau-so this reward will be something to get me going-spur me on to going that last bit of the way and finishing my goal- so that reward will be a new workout outfit. Shoes and all. (I'm sure I will need shoes my then, with all this jogging/walking I'm doing!)
  • And when I hit my goal...we are going to take a trip! It will be just in time for our Anniversary and we've been wanting/needing to get away. Want to know how I plan on making that happen? Well, I'm going to tell you:

The Goal Fund:

In order to hold myself more accountable for my bad habits, and hopefully break them, as well as get my husband in on helping me reach my goal-I've put together a plan of action. 

If you and your significant other are anything like us...we get lazy and take the easy way out. We try to teach our lil guy that the easy way only makes more work in the end....oh listen to that! I need to follow my own advice! And this jar is going to help me! 

  • Every time one of us says-let's just go get....dinner out, or an unhealthy meal...and the other one sticks to the healthy plan of eating, we get to put a dollar in the jar! 
  • Each time I choose a healthy snack instead of those cookies or whatever else I made for the kiddos: I put in a quarter. 
  • Every week when I make a healthy meal plan, and stick to it...I put in another 2 dollars. 
  • If I eat breakfast or my smoothie within 2 hours of getting up, fifty cents. 
  • If I reach my exercise goal for the day: fifty cents. 
I figure, with all the money we will be saving not eating out, we will be able to keep this reward system going! We usually cave in at least two times a week and eat out when we could have just as easily made a healthy meal at home. So there's two dollars a week. Every day there is temptation for an unhealthy snack-so that would be at least two more dollars a week. Plus another two dollars each week I meal plan, and 3.50 a week from good breakfasts, as well as 3.50 for working out...equaling 13 a week! Times 23 weeks of the challenge: a whopping $299! Sounds like a good va-cay to me! 
That's gonna be my jar by summer! 

What are you doing to help nudge yourself into making healthier habits? 
Happy Wednesday!
~Cassie <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeling blue?

I was feeling a bit down last night, so I decided I needed a little pick-me-up!

Working out, jogging, and stretching always makes me feel better! I used to come home from school (back in my teen-angsty days) and hop on my bike (even after a couple hours busting butt at tennis) and ride the hills around my house until I was so tired I could barely get home and flop on the couch.

I've since learned how to deal with my emotions, and find a positive spin on things...most of the time. Then there are those days when I just need to get out that energy and run. Oh how good I feel after busting my butt on the pavement! So, after I destressed last night, I started this board. I hope it inspires you to not let the blues get to you, and to remember even when you are down, a little RT will make you feel better! (Road Time-on a bike, or on foot: hit the road!)

I work out

I work out by ditzyleopard featuring sweatshirts and hoodies

Who wouldn't feel better in this outfit!?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's get Foxy! AKA: It is Thinspiration Time!

Like I said in my last post, I am linking up with some lovely ladies to get Slim by Summer!

I can't wait! There will be a weekly assignment for us to get in on, and lots of prizes! If you want to join (which I highly suggest) we'd love to have you! There is a place on facebook to chat, a pinterest board for tips and inspiration and all the ladies I've had a chance to chat with are pretty awesome!

Beach Beauty

This is my thinspiration! Who wouldn't love to head to the beach looking like that!? I have the bag, journal, hat and umbrella...and if I reach my goal my reward will be the bathing suit and earrings! ^_^
(I just joined Polyvore, and I think I am in seems like so much fun! Send me a request-I want to see what people are doing over there, too!)

Long term, I just want to be healthier. I don't get sick very often, but I would also like to get off the pounds that have accumulated in my happy marriage, and the transition to walking all over the hilliest college campus every day, as well as hours of being on my feet bartending and serving. It really was easy to stay slimmer when I would spend the whole weekend on my feet!

What are your goals? and inspiration? I hope you will link up with us!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tomorrow, I'll Love ya!

Today, was a dream!

We don't usually get the best weather here...Texas is usually Hot Hot HOT, or cold and bleak. The in-between is left for the other parts of the world. Those four complete seasons are lost on us, as we transition from Hot to Cold Back to Hot, and then Hades.

But today.....oh it was glorious!
A windmill at Jon Darling's newest remodel project

The sky was blue, and the morning had a lovely chill, but the day was warm and crisp. It made me want to bottle up the air and use it on one of those days. Those days which shall not be named...

I found some great inspiration for my projects coming up, and made a connection with some ladies that are forming a challenge!


It isn't a resolution, I'm not into those-they just get broken. But it will go perfectly with my newest endeavor; a group of my book club friends are starting a workout group! I am so excited, and a bit nervous. I've offered to use some of my knowledge from a boot camp I participated in to get some variety in our meet-ups and hope to really make it something that can grow into a great thing!

So, the Slim by Summer challenge, hosted by these lovely ladies: Anna from and Lanaya from  combined with my work-out group and healthier, cleaner eating will set me on a path for success!

Not to mention the loooong walks this gal looks forward to twice a day

...I think this will end nicely! 

I wanna feel like ME again! ^_^

If you are joining from the Challenge, Welcome! I hope you take a minute to browse, and get to know me! I'm sure I'll be getting to know you on your Blog, Facebook or MyFitnessPal soon!  Tomorrow is the first official post of the challenge, can't wait!

~Living in the rhythm of love, Share the bliss!
<3 Cassie

Friday, January 18, 2013

friday finds me favoring frugality

Oh, ok. I've been debating this whole "themed' days thing. and while I think it might work for some people, I began getting absorbed in looking for great words to use that would inspire me, and then took too much going into the meaning of it all- So, while I will keep with a kind of regular rotation of what I post; recipies, home improvements, tips and tincures, and some diy...

And so-in honor of all things frugal, and nothing being final. I happily present:

My top ten tasks to tackle:
(ok, what is with my alliteration today?)

10. Our floors- I want them to resemble this:
Aren't these just gorgeous?

Our floors just need some love...and I'm ready to give them lots of lovin'

9. My pantry- I want to fill it to the brink with healthy Cassie-Made deliciousness!
I was given a great book about making things from scratch and replacing better foods in our lives. I think I am pretty good about staying away from bad processed foods, for the most part. But I'd like to make other things that I previously thought were too difficult, and make our lives just that much healthier!

8. Our bedroom- it needs some finishing touches, and then I can show all the awesomeness that it has become! From this:

That's how we moved in! Only the bathroom and Shi's rooms were finished! 
A girl needs a bigger closet! 
So...there is more work to be done there. I'll get on it. And we will have that dream bedroom...we will. I just know it!

I'm thinking Historical Romantic meets Modern Eclectic:



Happy Cassie likes Modern Romantic type stuffs!
7. Our Shed- it needs to be organized, and utilized!

We have so much stuff out there, most of it isn't even ours! It was stuff that was crammed in the house when we bought it, or in the shed when we bought the house, and has not been  throughly gone through. Want to know one of the most bizzare but awesome things there? 

That thing in the background...yeah. We have one of those. Know anyone looking to buy? 
I'd really like to make a workspace for me out there, either for laundry or potting, or something other than storage for a bunch of junk.

6. Meal Planning- I can't wait to get an easier method for planning out what meals to do each week. So tired of wondering what I should be getting ready for dinner each night. If I just did a little bit of extra work once a will save lots of "Oh shoot! I forgot something"

5. Jewelry- I haven't made anything in quite a while. I need to make something. Soon!

4. Sewing-Teaching myself to sew. Sounds fun and challenging. I like a challenge. Oh, and I have tons of stuff lined up to sew. Ideas, and supplies. Just gotta get on it!

3. Bathroom- Sounds like grathroom sounds like sonicboom to me! yeah, since putting in the new cabinet- I haven't found an organization scheme that I like yet. Time to fix that.

2. The Garden- That time of year, I've been dreaming up what I want in it...time to get started with the seeds and mulch and fertilizers! Woo hoo!

1. My hubby- he needs some special attention. And we need to have some fun dates. Soon! He's been working so hard. Time to spoil him a bit!

Okay, so that's on my agenda....what is on yours? And any suggestions for me? ^_^

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Tincure two of my evolving themes! Can you guess what today will be about?

Tincure: (according to my friends over at Merriam-Webster)1: color, tint 2a : a characteristic quality : case 
b : a slight admixture : trace 3: a solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent

So, in lieu of using both functions of the word...I will give you a dose of color, and some tips on things you can make/use at home! Let's see how this evolves, and as always, suggestions are welcome!

I love the color blue. Always have, always will. I've been told my eyes are ever changing blue, as the ocean. This year is a milestone for me as well- turning 30! What a whopper! I am so excited, so I put together some pretties for inspiration! I think that cake is just lovely, and just might request something similar-of course filled with summer blueberries and perhaps a layer of lemon chiffon icing for an interesting contrast.

I absolutely love the nails and eyes-such fun colors, and still classy. And if I could have that staircase in our bedroom going to the dream patio, I will be a happy camper! Oh, and who wouldn't want to add that gorgeous tablecloth to their collection, along with a deliciously designed table for a party.

I'd say this was all put in place as a hint to my husband that if he were to do something for my bday these are the colors I'd want...but he is only on his computer as much as he has to be, and frankly I don't blame him!

What would be your dream party? Would you like a surprise? I've never had one...

Now, onto my other kind of tincure:

Did you know that coconut oil is Ahhhhhmazing for your skin? Well, it is.

Especially in the winter- as soon as you turn off the water to your shower, or step out of your bath, and before you even touch your towel...take coconut oil and massage it ALL over your body! Face, arms, chest, belly....especially your legs and feet! Everywhere! Make sure to get the back of your hands too, and then come back and thank me after a week of doing this!

For an added bonus, get some aloe vera gel and mix that with your coconut oil in a jar, and use that. Your skin will feel so wonderful, and silky smooth. Of course be sure you exfoliate, and if you tend to have oily skin just try a little at first, but it really soaks in  fast. I no longer use moisturizers on my face. I haven't in years. And it is because of this wonderful thing.

Well, thanks for reading, and let me know a beauty secret of yours!

Much love,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wifty Wednesday! Or: The introduction of my new themes

In hopes of not appearing to be mimicking anyone else's ideas-I've decided to start giving themes to my posts that have their own colorful use of words. So I am using the idea of themed days, and will try my best to create ones that I can stick to. If I make it fun for myself, then the hope is that it is fun for you as well!

I have had a lot to do lately- I've started tutoring more regularly and have been putting a lot of work into making it fun and appealing to the kiddos. While doing so I decided to allow them some free range in what they do from week to week- which just made more work for me, but lets them do their own thing and stay interested. If anybody wants to see more of my plan for that just let me know!

Okay-so the introduction is done- moving on to what Wifty Wednesday actually means. Well, wifty was actually a word of the day about 6 months ago on the Merriam-Webster Site- I try to keep up with their word of the day dialogue, but find that I usually get the past-30-words-of-the-day-for-the-month-all-in-a-day debriefing when I have time to filter my emails. Le sigh.

That is precisely why I am changing what I do, and doing what I it'll get done more! Does that makes sense? ^_^

Aaannnnd...back to the meaning of wifty, if you haven't looked it up already since I rambled on a bit. According to Merriam-Webster this is the definition: eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane : ditzy
Read more at the Mirriam-Webster site

So Wednesdays are henceforth dedicated to my love of the ditzy, and anything that I want to share that might be a bit on the crazy side of things.

On this, my first Wifty Wednesday...I'd like to introduce you to my new little friend...erm, rather...friends:

Know what that is? I'll give you a hint. It is the bulb of something rather delightful, and expensive when harvested... still no idea? Bueller?

Oh, alright...I'll tell you. It is Crocus sativus
Maybe better known as: Saffron!

Oh yeah. I'm going there.

These are my first attempts at growing Saffron. I hope it works out well. I planted these babies in the fall, and am going to show how they've progressed, over time!

These are the little guys after they emerged...just a week or so. Maybe less. It has been quite warm, and I think they liked the warmth!

And the little guys later, all green and exciting! From six bulbs I counted about 13 plants!

So....if each plant blooms one flower...

 And I get 3 stamens from one flower.....then:

39 stamens and I will be able to make some delicious things! 

 Of course from the looks of the plants seems that I will have more than 13 flowers to harvest soon.

And that is quite alright...I have my special jar waiting for the saffron once it has been dried! 

Thanks for reading my blog! Let me know what wifty things you have been up to lately! 

...Time to go eat my lunch!

On my homemade bread! YUM!

~Rolling through life to the rhythm of love, share the bliss!
Much love, Cassie

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My new favorite website!

I have been busy making plans...
Plans are best made early morning with coffee
and my Victor Talking Machine! <3 This thing!

Plans for our home. Plans for our summer, and oh yeah spring break! Plans for a craft. Plans for our future children...I can go on.

One of the highest things on my list of to-do's is to get our floors back in shape. They need some TLC.

Our home is tiny-under 800 s.f., but I love it. My husband has an eye for design, he better with that Masters of Architecture! He saw this house and knew it could be our home. But one thing (I know, I've said it before) we should have done the floors before moving in-but we were both unsure how to preserve the wood, and just needed to get in this house!

While I was doing some research on methods of repairing and preserving-I found this site: and in particular this post.

I can't wait to get started....then maybe I'll be ok with adding more pictures of our daily events. Never knew I could be self-conscious about a floor. HAHA.

Oh our new member of the family:

She is in need of some love!

I think we can handle that!

She's our rescue dog, we've decided Aschenputtel will be her name...but you can call her Asche. Aschenputtel is the Grimms Brothers' Cinderella~ and this girl has had a hard life-but has found her Happily Ever After with us. Most definitely.

~Live in the rhythm of love, and share the bliss!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunday Funday Catchup

Happy New Year, and welcome to the new and improved Mrs. Stone....

Wait. Scratch that. Happy New Year, yes. New and improved...well, no. 

Shall I explain? Oh there I go with asking myself questions again...

While everyone else is busy making resolutions and deciding to change this or that, I've decided to keep on keeping on. This past year has been wonderful. Full of love and surprises, overflowing with work and why would I want to change a thing!? 

I feel that me and the Mister are still in our Honeymoon phase~having a bonus-son in a new marriage can make us forget sometimes that we are still a fairly new couple, but it makes us remind ourselves to take some time out for us. So today will be a day devoted to being that "newlywed" couple. 

You know, the ones itching to make an addition to the family? The couple knowing that something great can come from their we are going to see about adding a little extra joy into our life.

We are meeting a puppy today. It might, or might not work out with the dog...but we are going to see! 

So here is a bit of what we've been up to, and more to come!

We made our first Gingerbread house...I did the design and cookie forms. Such fun!

At Nene and Papa's we had some fort building fun

My sweet hubs made an ornament for us from our first tree... swoon.

The Final Christmas Lights Drive...

And the New Years Rose Parade with Jon Darling.

Life is good.

See you Monday with some of my musings!

~Rolling through life to the rhythm of love...share the bliss!

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