Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Tincure two of my evolving themes! Can you guess what today will be about?

Tincure: (according to my friends over at Merriam-Webster)1: color, tint 2a : a characteristic quality : case 
b : a slight admixture : trace 3: a solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent

So, in lieu of using both functions of the word...I will give you a dose of color, and some tips on things you can make/use at home! Let's see how this evolves, and as always, suggestions are welcome!

I love the color blue. Always have, always will. I've been told my eyes are ever changing blue, as the ocean. This year is a milestone for me as well- turning 30! What a whopper! I am so excited, so I put together some pretties for inspiration! I think that cake is just lovely, and just might request something similar-of course filled with summer blueberries and perhaps a layer of lemon chiffon icing for an interesting contrast.

I absolutely love the nails and eyes-such fun colors, and still classy. And if I could have that staircase in our bedroom going to the dream patio, I will be a happy camper! Oh, and who wouldn't want to add that gorgeous tablecloth to their collection, along with a deliciously designed table for a party.

I'd say this was all put in place as a hint to my husband that if he were to do something for my bday these are the colors I'd want...but he is only on his computer as much as he has to be, and frankly I don't blame him!

What would be your dream party? Would you like a surprise? I've never had one...

Now, onto my other kind of tincure:

Did you know that coconut oil is Ahhhhhmazing for your skin? Well, it is.

Especially in the winter- as soon as you turn off the water to your shower, or step out of your bath, and before you even touch your towel...take coconut oil and massage it ALL over your body! Face, arms, chest, belly....especially your legs and feet! Everywhere! Make sure to get the back of your hands too, and then come back and thank me after a week of doing this!

For an added bonus, get some aloe vera gel and mix that with your coconut oil in a jar, and use that. Your skin will feel so wonderful, and silky smooth. Of course be sure you exfoliate, and if you tend to have oily skin just try a little at first, but it really soaks in  fast. I no longer use moisturizers on my face. I haven't in years. And it is because of this wonderful thing.

Well, thanks for reading, and let me know a beauty secret of yours!

Much love,

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