Friday, January 18, 2013

friday finds me favoring frugality

Oh, ok. I've been debating this whole "themed' days thing. and while I think it might work for some people, I began getting absorbed in looking for great words to use that would inspire me, and then took too much going into the meaning of it all- So, while I will keep with a kind of regular rotation of what I post; recipies, home improvements, tips and tincures, and some diy...

And so-in honor of all things frugal, and nothing being final. I happily present:

My top ten tasks to tackle:
(ok, what is with my alliteration today?)

10. Our floors- I want them to resemble this:
Aren't these just gorgeous?

Our floors just need some love...and I'm ready to give them lots of lovin'

9. My pantry- I want to fill it to the brink with healthy Cassie-Made deliciousness!
I was given a great book about making things from scratch and replacing better foods in our lives. I think I am pretty good about staying away from bad processed foods, for the most part. But I'd like to make other things that I previously thought were too difficult, and make our lives just that much healthier!

8. Our bedroom- it needs some finishing touches, and then I can show all the awesomeness that it has become! From this:

That's how we moved in! Only the bathroom and Shi's rooms were finished! 
A girl needs a bigger closet! 
So...there is more work to be done there. I'll get on it. And we will have that dream bedroom...we will. I just know it!

I'm thinking Historical Romantic meets Modern Eclectic:



Happy Cassie likes Modern Romantic type stuffs!
7. Our Shed- it needs to be organized, and utilized!

We have so much stuff out there, most of it isn't even ours! It was stuff that was crammed in the house when we bought it, or in the shed when we bought the house, and has not been  throughly gone through. Want to know one of the most bizzare but awesome things there? 

That thing in the background...yeah. We have one of those. Know anyone looking to buy? 
I'd really like to make a workspace for me out there, either for laundry or potting, or something other than storage for a bunch of junk.

6. Meal Planning- I can't wait to get an easier method for planning out what meals to do each week. So tired of wondering what I should be getting ready for dinner each night. If I just did a little bit of extra work once a will save lots of "Oh shoot! I forgot something"

5. Jewelry- I haven't made anything in quite a while. I need to make something. Soon!

4. Sewing-Teaching myself to sew. Sounds fun and challenging. I like a challenge. Oh, and I have tons of stuff lined up to sew. Ideas, and supplies. Just gotta get on it!

3. Bathroom- Sounds like grathroom sounds like sonicboom to me! yeah, since putting in the new cabinet- I haven't found an organization scheme that I like yet. Time to fix that.

2. The Garden- That time of year, I've been dreaming up what I want in it...time to get started with the seeds and mulch and fertilizers! Woo hoo!

1. My hubby- he needs some special attention. And we need to have some fun dates. Soon! He's been working so hard. Time to spoil him a bit!

Okay, so that's on my agenda....what is on yours? And any suggestions for me? ^_^

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