Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tomorrow, I'll Love ya!

Today, was a dream!

We don't usually get the best weather here...Texas is usually Hot Hot HOT, or cold and bleak. The in-between is left for the other parts of the world. Those four complete seasons are lost on us, as we transition from Hot to Cold Back to Hot, and then Hades.

But today.....oh it was glorious!
A windmill at Jon Darling's newest remodel project

The sky was blue, and the morning had a lovely chill, but the day was warm and crisp. It made me want to bottle up the air and use it on one of those days. Those days which shall not be named...

I found some great inspiration for my projects coming up, and made a connection with some ladies that are forming a challenge!


It isn't a resolution, I'm not into those-they just get broken. But it will go perfectly with my newest endeavor; a group of my book club friends are starting a workout group! I am so excited, and a bit nervous. I've offered to use some of my knowledge from a boot camp I participated in to get some variety in our meet-ups and hope to really make it something that can grow into a great thing!

So, the Slim by Summer challenge, hosted by these lovely ladies: Anna from and Lanaya from  combined with my work-out group and healthier, cleaner eating will set me on a path for success!

Not to mention the loooong walks this gal looks forward to twice a day

...I think this will end nicely! 

I wanna feel like ME again! ^_^

If you are joining from the Challenge, Welcome! I hope you take a minute to browse, and get to know me! I'm sure I'll be getting to know you on your Blog, Facebook or MyFitnessPal soon!  Tomorrow is the first official post of the challenge, can't wait!

~Living in the rhythm of love, Share the bliss!
<3 Cassie

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