Monday, February 2, 2015

Live Love, Everyday.

It is almost That time of year, again...

 Yes, that time when the stores are full of hearts, and everything pink, red, and all things mushy gushy. Reminders of a difficult partner, or spouse, or being single, or facing this time of year alone-can make this pepto bismol pink laden time make you wish the stuff was a different color, so you could stomach it! But it will always be pink, so I am here to help!

Sometimes I wanna say FU Love in February!!! With the nicest smile I can muster. ^_^ 

What I learned, while living my days happily single, was that love needed more than one day out of the year. It needs to exist in the forefront of our lives. It shouldn't be corporations telling us how, or when to shower love on those dear to us in our lives. But rather it should be a daily expression for those we love. Including ourselves.

Did you hear that? LOVE YOURSELF. That is the first step to living love, Everyday.

Really let that sink in.

I'll just sip my coffee a bit while you do that.

Ready? Good. Love yourself yet? Either way, let's work on loving ourselves more together...

What I mean to say is-stop the voice that says "Oh I love myself, I just feel I need to work on (insert whatever things you are used to being hard on yourself here). Then I will be happier with who I am."

You are you. Perfect, and amazing and right where you need to be. Does that mean you need to stop making yourself set attainable goals? No, it just means to be kinder to yourself and start loving yourself as you are. Right Now.

So the first thing I am asking you do to Live Love Everyday, is to make this little habit:

As you are getting ready, each day, look in the mirror and say "I love you"

Yes, I know it is silly. But what is worse? Looking in the mirror and thinking "Oh my gosh. I hate my (insert thing you are not nice to yourself about....I know you have thought this before about something)."  Is that really better than saying "I love you" to yourself?  Didn't think so.

We all have been taught to compare and pick apart our beautiful bodies. And that ends now.

So go...start the rest of your day a little better and find a mirror, or use your phone to say "I love you" to the most important person in your world.

And let me know how you felt afterwards. Comment below or #liveloveeveryday so we can chat about it.

Living in the rhythm of love...share the bliss!

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