Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wifty Wednesday! Or: The introduction of my new themes

In hopes of not appearing to be mimicking anyone else's ideas-I've decided to start giving themes to my posts that have their own colorful use of words. So I am using the idea of themed days, and will try my best to create ones that I can stick to. If I make it fun for myself, then the hope is that it is fun for you as well!

I have had a lot to do lately- I've started tutoring more regularly and have been putting a lot of work into making it fun and appealing to the kiddos. While doing so I decided to allow them some free range in what they do from week to week- which just made more work for me, but lets them do their own thing and stay interested. If anybody wants to see more of my plan for that just let me know!

Okay-so the introduction is done- moving on to what Wifty Wednesday actually means. Well, wifty was actually a word of the day about 6 months ago on the Merriam-Webster Site- I try to keep up with their word of the day dialogue, but find that I usually get the past-30-words-of-the-day-for-the-month-all-in-a-day debriefing when I have time to filter my emails. Le sigh.

That is precisely why I am changing what I do, and doing what I it'll get done more! Does that makes sense? ^_^

Aaannnnd...back to the meaning of wifty, if you haven't looked it up already since I rambled on a bit. According to Merriam-Webster this is the definition: eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane : ditzy
Read more at the Mirriam-Webster site

So Wednesdays are henceforth dedicated to my love of the ditzy, and anything that I want to share that might be a bit on the crazy side of things.

On this, my first Wifty Wednesday...I'd like to introduce you to my new little friend...erm, rather...friends:

Know what that is? I'll give you a hint. It is the bulb of something rather delightful, and expensive when harvested... still no idea? Bueller?

Oh, alright...I'll tell you. It is Crocus sativus
Maybe better known as: Saffron!

Oh yeah. I'm going there.

These are my first attempts at growing Saffron. I hope it works out well. I planted these babies in the fall, and am going to show how they've progressed, over time!

These are the little guys after they emerged...just a week or so. Maybe less. It has been quite warm, and I think they liked the warmth!

And the little guys later, all green and exciting! From six bulbs I counted about 13 plants!

So....if each plant blooms one flower...

 And I get 3 stamens from one flower.....then:

39 stamens and I will be able to make some delicious things! 

 Of course from the looks of the plants seems that I will have more than 13 flowers to harvest soon.

And that is quite alright...I have my special jar waiting for the saffron once it has been dried! 

Thanks for reading my blog! Let me know what wifty things you have been up to lately! 

...Time to go eat my lunch!

On my homemade bread! YUM!

~Rolling through life to the rhythm of love, share the bliss!
Much love, Cassie

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