Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whoa-where'd I go!?

Oh my. I can't believe the directions this month has been taking me! Between getting ready for a week long cub scout campout (oh yeah, we're crazy) our juicy journey, and spring being here (gardening time!) I have neglected this bloggie thingie a bit.

So how about a bit of an update before I get to business? 

We finished our juice, and are feeling good! We've decided to do our own version of the reboot, and have been working in healthy recipes while juicing. We've loved the juicing so much so that we are going to try and make it a part of our everyday routine. 

It was hard to think that this jar would make us feel full, but it was bizarre. We weren't hungry....I sure missed my coffee, but I learned that the coffee was actually making it hard for our bodies to absorb nutrients we were eating.

The green juice was one of our favorites for the morning. It energized us, and really kept us going till our lunch juice.

As seen by the in-progress photo here...I began to enjoy the juices in a different way. As I would wash all the veggies and fruits to juice it was as if I could feel my body absorbing the smells better and the colors became more vivid. I would toss in a beet, and giggle in excitement as the aroma filled my nose. The joy came when I was finished juicing and cleaning the machine, and could take that first sip of juicy goodness.

The combinations are endless and experimenting with flavors can be fun-especially if you can tolerate a few not so tasty blends. Oh yeah, I had those too. The ones that Jon would say, in his ever so encouraging way; "just chug it babe, you gotta drink it"

If you are thinking of juicing I would highly recommend it. If you need to lose a bit of belly, then a proper cleanse can really help. My next post I'll let in on just how much I lost in the 5 day cleanse!


  1. Great job on sticking with it Cassie!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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