Thursday, February 21, 2013

Juicy Journey: Day 3 Update

It is day three of our Juicy Journey, and I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. Still don't have that wonderful splurge of purported energy to happen any day now...but I'm ready for it!

Yesterday was rough. Silly me thought it would be wise to do a little workout in the morning. It was yoga, and it made me woozy! The afternoon was the hardest part of the day-a headache like nobody's business, and a few food cravings. Nothing too bad, but I did start to wonder how long we could actually go.

The most surprising part-I haven't been hungry. Bizarre, I know! We drink hot water with lemon in the morning, while I get the fruits and veggies ready to go. Take the pup on a walk, and then juice. A couple large glasses of water and some coconut water to get us to lunch...and then a juice at lunch. Followed by more water and coconut water. Then we make a dinner juice, I make food for our Shi guy and after even more water we have tea before bed with lemon and ginger. Other than missing crunching into food, and popcorn for family movie night, and the feel of a grilled burrito...I don't feel like I'm missing out too much.

I do know this: We are super excited to plan our meals for when we get off this cleanse! Once I get that energy back-it'll be time to finish up my Menu Board!

This was our first juice! Just look at that greenage! 

I'd love some recipes if you've done a juice or know of anybody who has!


  1. I think the juice that I had on my cleanse diet was nothing more than cranberry juice. It may have had some extra vitamins, but I think I paid a crap ton of money for straight up cranberry juice! :-) How much longer do you have?

    1. I am sorry to hear it was probably just cranberry juice! I don't think I could stick to one kind of juice for very long! How long was your cleanse? We did a short one, but have a few more days of vegan eating. We did 4 days juice only to reboot, and now are not eating anything processed and having 2-3 daily juices.


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