Friday, July 13, 2012

Bratwurst? Yes, please.

Oh come before most of the world's favorite day, and therefore are a forgotten favorite, aren't you? Well, I love Thursdays.

While most of the working world celebrates Friday, I adore you Thursday. So tonight I made my favorite meal in your honor. Bratwurst mit Brotchen, Spargel, und Kartoffelsalat. 
For those who need visual aids...
but just hearing the word Bratwurst gets my taste buds excited

I made a new version of German Potato Salad, it was incredible. I am usually a bit worried when I make something new for the boys, but even my Darling Picky Husband thought it was definitely something to add to our rotation...if you can call it that. Next time I make it, I will have to post my recipe. I looked at a few online, but kind of took a spin off of the three that sounded the best.

In further celebration of things I love...a few shots of our silly new family member, Oreo. I heard Shi laughing like a Hyena while making lunch today, and he shouted "Quick! You gotta come see this" Well...this is what was tickling his cute little funny bone:
"(giggle)Oreo (snort) is chewing (giggle) that grass
(chortle chortle) AnOLDFarmerMan!"
I think we laughed and chased him with the camera for 10 minutes before Oreo had enough. Then he turned into our normal TweenKitty

This is the usual flash of movement I get as he pounces me,
unless he's sleeping

Yeah, that is just creepy.
But he's cute...

and those are just plain good. 
So while I figure out what I did that made that Kartoffelsalt so good, take a look at some of my other recipes! What is your favorite thing to make?

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