Thursday, January 16, 2014

What has been going on?

That is a loaded question. There has been a lot going on. The biggest thing? My computers out of commission. Unless I have my husbands power cord to use.

A couple years ago, his battery stopped holding charge, so we switched batteries. Yes we have the same laptops. But that is pure coincidence sine we both bought our laptops before we even knew each other! I know. We were cute before we met.

So my laptop has to be plugged in to be on. Kinda annoying, but I am grateful to have it. And just before we left for Christmas with the family, I was working on editing my novel from NANOWRIMO, and I smelled an electrical burn. 

At first I thought it was the stuff on the oven, I feel like I baked for days getting ready to go out of town, but nothing over there was burning. So when I got back to my computer I noticed smoke! It was coming from the power cord! I immediately unplugged it and went to inspect. 

It melted. Like, there was plastic on my couch. Melted. Luckily I had been putting the powerbox on a glass coaster, since it had been getting hot and I was worried about a fire. Guess I had reason to be worried. I think we would be out a couch if I hadn't trusted my instincts.

So that was fun. And now I am stuck with only intermittent opportunities to post from my computer, which means crappy phone pics and minimalist stuff for a while.

The silver lining? I have been working on making jewelry, and having quite a bit of fun with it. I am thinking there will be a giveaway in the near future, so if you are reading now would be a good time to comment and tell me what kind of stuff you would like to see. 

I have been doing some ceramic pieces as well as wire pieces. Stay tuned!

Living in the rhythm of love...share the bliss!

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