Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Projects | Magical Messages

Where, oh where has the time flown!? 

We have had some major changes in our home- and with those changes has come less time for me to be doing what I love. I hope the adjustment time has passed and now we can focus on this strange new routine.

The beginning of summer meant Summer Camp with a new Boy Scout troop for our Shi guy, and then spending time away at the Grandparents. And now we are in the time of keeping ourselves busy on these hot summer afternoons when I need to be working on dinner and he needs to be entertained. 

Enter easy fun activity number one: Magical Messages!!!

This little project is great because all it takes is: A white crayon, lots and lots of paper (because if your kiddo loves painting as much as mine you won't have enough paper) and some paints you can water down for a watercolor-esque medium, as well as a large paint brush or sponge (a kitchen sponge would work for this!) Be creative! Use what you have!

Gather everything you need- and set up a space for getting a little messy. We have a great plexi-glass top on our coffee table so I don't worry about putting down a towel or anything. You'll need some paper towels for excess paint and some water to clean between colors. Nothing too special.

Draw a message, a joke or a picture in the white crayon. We started with some easy jokes and a few pictures. You can also use this for math problems or learning letters, shapes...the possibilities are endless!

You really have to look to see what you've written, and here I've taken a picture with the flash so you can see some of the image before adding the watercolor. But the white crayon is hard to see on this paper. 

Then paint over the images with the watercolor. And let the magic begin! 
Simple, and fun! With the watercolors remember less is more. Our images turned out better if we blotted the sponge.

I had made a few ahead of time, so he could have plenty to do.
Then he had fun making some of his own. This was my favorite he made!

A great activity for all ages! If I had known about this in college I would have totally still loved it! Haha!
Learning that less is more-can't see the message if there is too much paint!

So that was one of our fun activities! I'd love to see how your kids react to the project, as well as hear about what you come up with!

Thanks for reading and as always...leave a comment or question! I love getting feedback!

Living in the rhythm of love...share the bliss!

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