Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mighty Motivation

13 weeks ago I joined a great group of ladies that are working on getting slim by summer. I've enjoyed reading all the posts and joining in on the journeys of others. They are all amazing women and I am honored to be a part of this group.

This week the assignment is: Motivation

Why do I do what I do? What keeps me going?

I love waking up to back? Not so much.
Well lately all my time has been absorbed by spring activities-  we've been camping for a week in Big Bend, my hubbilicious man turned 35, we had a MAJOR water leak and had to replace the 40 year old main line, went camping at Enchanted Rock, are preparing for a garage sale and today our business moved out of the home, primarily, and into an office! Oh and weddings( and lots of them) Yeah, so where do I find time for me in all that? Well, it gets tricky. Walks with the dog have been my biggest regular exercise along with jamming to some tunes while cleaning and working in the garden. 
Oh, I know. Glamorous life, isn't it? 
Our View of the sunset in the basin of Big Bend. Delightful.

My motivation is to be healthy, and to love myself more. Since graduation I no longer walk the hills on a daily basis and I am no longer am a server or bartender those hours on my feet each week melting the calories and fat off my bod.

So to trigger a bit of that motivation, I agreed to let the hubs have his office away from home (for part of the week-I like doing my writing with him here some of the time) and along with the office comes a gym membership! So in addition to having my living room back, and having space to do yoga and my Jillian Fitness Ultimatum I get a gym to get my sweat on!

I'm excited to do this last push of getting in a routine of working out and see a change before summer gets here.

What is your motivation? Is it love? health? your kids? Happiness?
I'd love to hear it!

Thanks for visiting my lil bloggie thingy!
A blessing for the wedding couple!


  1. How exciting that you will get your gym membership back to get your sweat on! That's awesome!
    I used to camp a ton when I was younger but we just don't really go that much anymore.
    Such a beautiful picture!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Thanks, Lanaya!

      Why don't y'all camp anymore? There is nothing better than getting away from electronics, cooking over a fire, and sleeping with Mother Nature! I think a trip might be in order for your lil family! ^_^



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