Friday, August 16, 2013

Working on an update!

There has been quite a lot going on around this little house of love...please forgive my absence, and brace yourselves for some changes! (My 10 loyal readers....^-^)

Oh, and if I were to do a give-a-way...what would be something you'd be interested in? Something handmade? Or an item I love? I'd love to know!

Here are some insta-updates, and see you all again soon!
My only large was supposed to be purple! >.<'

We FIGured out what to do with all these!

And some homemade ice cream cones! Yum!

Now that we're almost out of the summer fray, I am ready to get back to business! Hope you had a great summer, and did lots of fun things with your loved ones!

~Living in the sweet rhythm of love...


  1. We need to plant a new garden at our new house. It was sad to leave the old one behind :(

    1. Awh, yeah-I'd have a hard time leaving my garden! Just ate the first meal with fresh okra! Love being able to just go outside and get veggies!


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