Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nostalgia on a Thursday Night

I was reading an article I found online about what to buy a person when they first get a new home. It was broken down into lists depending on culture and regions. I was intrigued at the simplicity of the list for the new German kitchen, and had most of the items on that list, whereas on the "American" list I didn't have even half of the list.

Of course, we aren't the typical U.S. or "American" family. One income, small house, no credit in our means...if you are familiar with my blog then you know. I try to make our pennies stretch and our dollar, well it gets around.

So...back to the list. For the American household the list was:

Cast iron skillet
Dutch oven
Charcoal grill
Heavy-Duty food processor
Kitchen cart w/built in butcher block
Sandwich press
Roasting pan
Deep Fryer
Knife Set

Now, I am no gourmet cook...but none of these things were in my kitchen when I first started out on my own. Not a one. I didn't get a Cast Iron Skillet until this summer, and we just bought a dutch oven a week ago. I have a measly two cup food processor that I rarely use, which screams like a banshee if I put more than two frozen bananas in it to make my Banana Ice Cream. I have some knives, only one really nice one up until my Birthday when I was gifted a couple more. We do have a grill, it is propane...I think of Hank from King of the Hill every time I think of grilling on propane.

I don't think I ever want a fryer in my home. I can fry things in my wok...and well, fried is not a word I want in our weekly food rotation. A roasting pan would be nice, but frankly I'm not sure I want to store something I would only use once in a blue moon...our space is so limited. Which brings me to the kitchen cart. room for that. But once we finish our porch I think I will get one so that it will be easier to take things outside. Do I really need to discuss the sandwich press?

Yeah... didn't think so.

So the list for Germany:

Einkaufskorb- a Shopping basket
Frühstückbrett- small breakfast board used for breakfast or snacks
Potato Masher/Ricer
Cheese & Fruit Knives
Coffee or Tea Pot
Salad Bowl
Beverage Tools
Cloth Napkins & Napkin Rings
Pots & Pans

I have everything on this list except the Breakfast boards and the Cloth Napkins and Rings...both of which I would love to have, just haven't found ones that I like yet.

Well...scratch that. I have found some Breakfast Boards that would be really awesome...

Haha, so true. Nothing beats coffee or breakfast brought to bed, tho.
(For my Non-German Speaking readers:
It means; If you want breakfast in bed, then sleep in the kitchen!)
I think this one is just pretty! Even though I'm not a surfer...
And this one...oh my. A bit harder to explain in English, but here goes.
The first part says "Men are easy..." but if you add the anders it changes the meaning to
"Men are just different"
Get it?
Got it.
Now I want to buy it! ^_^

So as I'm looking over the options on google, I see something that I didn't realize. A dear friend of mine actually sent me one, and I didn't even realize it! I have a Frühstückbrett! From Germany! That makes me so happy. And...another wedding gift might just work as one too. ^_^ We received a cute little cutting board with an engraving on it. Awh...soo scratch that too! I do have a couple. Now I just need to find some good, affordable napkins and napkin rings. Then I will have a proper German Küche (kitchen).

Daily I use the tea kettle, and my knives...I don't think I would regularly use a sandwich press or a dutch oven. That's more for restaurants and camping, respectively.

Of course this is coming from the woman who doesn't have, nor want a dishwasher. Our water is so hard it would spot everything and that would drive me crazay!

What are your necessities in the kitchen? If I left something out let me know. I'm always up for a new idea for making life simpler....I think an immersion blender or dough hooks for my hand blender would be fabulous!

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll share your ideas and blogs with me!

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