Monday, September 3, 2012

Thirty Days of Truths: Day 16

Day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Well, let's see. Something I could definitely live without. Or someone....goodness. I didn't realize how hard these would be to think of.

Okay, something I could live without is fast food. If every fast food restaurant closed down today, even though today only has about 15 minutes left in it. I would be so very happy.

In High School it was cool to go grab a bite to eat with my friends, so that was really the only reason I ever went to fast food places then. But if I was left to my own devices I would be happy not going to them. Sure they are easy and convenient, but man. The way I feel after I eat some big greasy burger....just isn't worth it to me.

In college I hated the food at the cafeterias. I mean hated. Yes, loathed and despised. I actually got so sick because I wasn't eating enough food for my active lifestyle. I played lacrosse and worked and ran a few times a week...and a few greens and cereal just wasn't cutting it. Everything there was like walking through a fast food place. I was able to see a nutritionist on campus and prove that I could feed myself well enough to be exempt from the meal plan and that was the best thing that ever happened! I started cooking in the basement and baking and really that's when my love of food started. All because I didn't want to eat the crap that they served in the cafeterias that, to me, was just as bad as a fast food joint.

So if you are craving some fried chicken, or a nice juicy burger-come on over. I love making chicken and gravy....and Jon can grill a mean burger. Oh, and my fries...much better than those other places. And uh-there was a time when the gals at the burger joint I worked at would sing" Her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard"

And they did. Have you ever had my Double Chocolate Blueberry Malted Peanut Butter Shake? No? I'm sorry. It is sooooooo good. Believe it or not, but this is the thirty days of truths challenge. And that is definitely the truth.

Ok, minute to midnight. Gotta roll on to bed!

<3 <3 <3 Cassie Stone
~Rolling through life to the rhythm of love...share the bliss.

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