Friday, September 7, 2012

Thirty Days of Truths: Day 20

Day 20: Your views on Drugs and Alcohol

Okay, so yes....I do agree with this statement:
...mostly. How about this statement: Just about anything can be bad if abused. Alcohol can be bad if abused. Simple as that. But it has benefits too. Same with drugs. Some natural herbs should be used as the beneficial herbs they are. I remember recently having a nice talk with Grandad about how he used to be able to get a certain green herb from the drug store. Yes, as a drug-but it was used medicinally. The History of Cannabis is interesting, to say the least.  I've also read there are many benefits from that particular herb. There must be if it is used in some forms of pharmaceutics-but those have side effects. And I really don't like taking any form of drug that has a side effect that can make a negative impact on my life. I had some extremely bad side effects from a prescription I was on a few years back, and I am quite leery of our medical fields. We workk ourselves sick, and then use that money to pay for medicine that keeps us sick? There is something wrong with that picture.
I choose life.
I think it is about education. Some people die from legal drugs, others from illegal. For the government  I think it's all about the big dollar...but that's a different discussion. Too deep for now. But yeah...

Just something to think about...

Of course, I'm not about to do something that would get myself thrown in jail (or inflict bodily harm) I'll stick to my alcohol. Oh wait....but aren't bath salts legal? Now THAT is messed up. No thank you. 
Yeah, I don't think the side effects are that cute.
Oh and I can't smoke anyway-my stupid asthma. So what was my point? Haha. I've never smoked a cigarette...and I don't ever plan to. I like being able to breathe.

So that's my day 20...

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