Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 Days of Truths: Day 5

30 Days of Truths Challenge: Day 05: Something you hope to do in your life

Short and sweet tonight- It was Meet the Teacher Night at our Not-So-Little Guy's school. Fourth grade! Oh my. His teacher seems amazing, and he is so excited to be in fourth grade. I love it. We're decorating his school stuff tomorrow. We'll Star Warsing it all up. That'll make it all more boyish, and less plain. I said. Short and sweet. I am currently writing, er rather trying to write a novel. Last November I participated in a writing competetion, and I have a poem published online...but I really want to have a legitimate novel that makes it into the hands of a good amount of people.

I've always been inspired and have enjoyed writing. It is in my blood, quite literally, and constantly in my head. My Great, Great, Great-somethingth Uncle was William Blake, and while I know I will never be as talented as he was-I'd like to think he passed a few if his talents down the line to my family. I have a cousin that is an amazing artist, as is my brother. My sister is amazing with her prose, and I believe one of my cousins is a savant when it comes to the piano. I also feel I have other gifts from him-to be spoken of another time maybe.

But if I had a dream, other than to live a life full of love and would be to have a novel that somebody someday would say "You really have to read this book by Cassie Stone"

...even if it was a cookbook. Haha-well, one of those cookbooks with lots of little stories inside.

Well, that's my Fifth day- This lil' Stone's rolling off to bed.... Gute Nacht!

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