Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Old House of Love

This is where we live. A blissful and sometimes very small 800sqft.
Give or take a dozen squares or so. No, just take them. I'm sure they aren't there. ^_^

Our little house has seen quite a bit of changes, but it still needs quite a bit more work before it is done.

If there is one thing I have is that I must really love my Husband. Haha. But really. How many people can live in less than 800sq.ft. while remodeling...and still be each other's best friends? 
Yes, those are boards instead of windows. To keep the ruffians out. Ha.

About a year into dating this guy, he told me about the house that he was thinking of buying across the street from his. My response? Oh fun!

Little did I know my encouraging words would end up helping him decide to go ahead with the purchase...I guess I thought in a few months he'd be done with all the work, and when we were ready to get married it would be ready for our little family...

Oh no...a few years later and we're still working on it. It is most definitely a labor of love. I never thought this house would grow on me as it has, but this shack is blossoming into a beautiful little flower bit by bit. 

When I can't really see what work we've done lately, I like to look at pictures from when we started...
When we bought came with a bunch of stuff left from the previous owner.
(this is the front door and a small view of the hall closet
that isn't really a closet by most american standards)

And plenty of ruffian art, oh I mean...the future kitchen area

And the only suitable place to sleep was, well... a tent!
I'm sure once we finish our bedroom this would be a suitable
 area for more kitchen stuff

The bedroom, came (almost) complete with bed...
although the mattress was needed for broken window insulation...hmm

Oh and in this corner, since there isn't a closet in the bedroom-
we can have a nice wardrobe! But first we must do something about the art in here...

And now we come to the master suite! Oh my...
...I'm just not going there at this hour.

And I leave you with the bathroom...and it's non-functioning tub. 
So that was a nice trip down memory expect a few pictures of the rennovations, and some ideas we've been tossing around. Of course. Some are top secret, and I can only reveal them after completion! I love my Architect-minded Hubby and our big dreams! Good Night!


  1. Looking good! Can't wait to see it all finished!

    1. Hey Lydia!

      I am sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner! Thanks for stopping by-I think it just might be time for an update, don't you?

  2. Hi:) We are totally in the same boat! We're working with around 1800sq feet and I'd say we're about 50% done! So. much. work! lol your house looks so cute though! I can really see the potential (thats become a dirty word around our house haha)

    1. Thanks, Ladies! Oh Harmony...that word is dirty here, too! I can't believe how happy I was to have a sink in the bathroom! If you include the addition we are planning, then we are only about 20% done! But I am so excited to get the master bedroom in a good place!


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