Monday, August 20, 2012

30 Truths: Day 2

Day 02: Something you love about yourself:

This one isn't too terribly hard, not that I could go on for pages bragging about myself, but I think more people should focus on what is good about them, and then see the changes that follow with positive thinking.

Of course, finding one thing interesting enough to post about is a bit more of a challenge than I first thought. I think my husband loves most that I am caring/loving/motherly... I think our 9-yo loves that I can cook. If I had a dollar for every time he looks at his plate and gives me that oh-goodie-this-looks-great look, followed by his eager dive into the veggies many kids would scoff at, I'd be one rich lady!

But me. what do I love about me? I think it would have to be, and I  know how lame it sounds-but I would say it is my love of learning. I love that I am always wanting to try a new hobby, or book, or recipe. Sometimes it frustrates the lil family because dinner will take longer since "I've never made this before" is one of my grossly overused phrases to them. And I am always telling them they won't hurt my feelings if they don't like what I've made...but I think the meals usually come out good. Just as when I try something new, it also tends to come out pretty decent...for the first time doing it. ^_^

Of course, my favorite thing, the thing that I love about me can sometimes be a curse as well. Some examples? Well, for instance...if you recall-or if you know me well...when I married my darling husband I thought it would be awesome to make a pillow for our rings that would be a part of our home for years to come.

It needed to be handmade, and original, and all about us. I spent days learning how to work with felt,  drawing patterns, and looking for materials to use. I wrote all about it on my Blog: The Ring Pillow Project
The final product!

It was a fun project, and I was so thrilled that it turned out looking like something I could be proud of. I need to go back and read that blog I posted-and I probably said this there, but the tree, of course is the tree of our life. There are two birds representing Jon and I, and one bird down in the tree symbolizing our son. I will add birds for any other children we have-the river that is so special to us flows behind it and the tree is firmly rooted into a stone. I love it.

Ok, back to the reason for the blog. I think that because I love learning so much it has enriched my life in many ways. I also hope that I can instill the love to learn in my children-I know it can enrich their lives as well. Oh and of course, the food. These little gems were a result of a last minute block party and no time to run to the store!

These beauties inspired a dip I make now, too!
So I think that is all for my Day 2...I need to get some sleep. I think tomorrow's post is going to be a bit more difficult.

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