Saturday, August 25, 2012

30 Days of Truths: Day 7

Woo hoo! I made an image to go with my Thirty Days Challenge! I used Picmonkey, have you tried it? A very easy to use interface and some great free stuff to play with for pictures. Of course, of you are photoshop savvy then you probably don't need it. I just don't have Photoshop on this computer. Boo. I am happy to finally have a bit more time to write. This past month, or three has been pretty busy and I am learning to make more time for the things that I like to do. This Blog is one of the main things on that list. Among a few others-well another day. I made some great granita for a recent little gathering at our house, and also made a plum simple syrup for some cocktails. Quite delish!

Oh yeah- I have to do my challenge thing! So Day 07: Someone who has made your life worth living for

The first thought that comes to mind is that life is worth living because of me...there was a time when I thought life wasn't much worth anything alone and it took me learning how wrong that was. I figured out how to be happy on my own and to love myself unconditionally and then I found someone that was worth sharing that life with.

Of course life without him would be a lot less worth living...and now that I've found my soul mate, a man who loves me for me, I'm not sure I can truly even remember my life before him.

He definitely is a good partner and I am lucky to have him in my life. A great friend, a wonderful Father and the best partner in this life...those are just a few reasons he makes this life worth living!

Time to give the lil guy one last kiss-second night kisses are best when they're dreaming. Then this Stone is rolling off to bed! Bis Morgen!

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