Friday, August 24, 2012

30 Days of Truths: Day 6

So today we had a fun final summer hurrah with some of our dear friends and neighbors. I  love this little street we live on! We missed a few friendly faces, but will have one soon. With that said. I have about 6 minutes to do this post, and probably about 2 minutes before my Hunny comes looking for me with that you-are-seriously-posting-NOW? look on his face. Um yeah...

So without further adieu, and without any bells or sorry... is Day 06: Something you hope you never have to do

I can think of a few things I hope I never have to do...some involving truths that will rise to the surface on their own, and others having to do with other unthinkables... but hmmmm

I hope I never ever have to be apart from my Hubby for a long a few days. I know some people feel the need to get away, I get that. but my Darling Husband is truly my best friend, and I know it sounds lame, but I really hope I never have to spend a night away from him.

I always remeber learning about my Great-somethingth Uncle William and his Catherine, and how they only spent, I think it was 6 days apart, and it was because they had been traveling and one fell ill. I want that. The love that doesn't get old, and the desire that is always there. So yeah. Don't ask me to go on a trip without him, unless you are prepared to get that answer. ^_^ And yes, he feels the same way-if he ever needs to travel for his job, we will figure out a way to go together-even with the future kiddos. They'll be homeschooled and it will be a big family get-a-way. For sure!

Alrighty......night 6, done. And the last summer hurrah is done too!
This 'lil Stone is rolling off to bed! Nighty night! <3

Oh and what recipe should I post first: The Mango Ginger Granita, or my Sweet Sunrise Cupcakes? If you let me know, and live close enough-I'll make you your choice and you can come have tea with me! <3

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