Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thirty Days of Truths: Day 11

Day 11: Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Well that is easy...

My current length
It would definitely be my hair. So it isn't as long as Rapunzel's hair, but I've kept it pretty long for a while, now. I love it long, and I love it down. If I didn't live in a place with 100+ degree Summers I would wear it down all the time!

I usually get compliments on the color, and I've had a couple stylists tell me that I should never dye it. I haven't, nor do I think I ever will. I can remember my Mom telling me when all the other girls were getting their hair dyed that once I started I would never be able to stop. And that when she tried dying her hair, at the same time she permed it, she had a horrid reaction. I suppose I kind of always had a fear of getting some sort of reaction, or something. Haha. I also had a dream where I dyed my hair, and then I didn't recognize myself anymore. That was the worst...

I think some girls dye their hair for a change, I get that. But I like who I am, and I love my hair. It gets lighter, naturally in the summer, and darker in the winter. So I kind of get to change with the seasons!

And since this blog is all about truths...I do need to admit to one thing: I used to do so much more with my hair. I tried wearing it in all different sorts of styles and now that I am a busy gal...I don't give my hair the attention I should. So I need to fix that. Definitely.

So yeah, it would be my hair and it's natural ability to be wavy, or straight. With golden kisses from the sun in the summer and flecks of strawberries in the winter.

...Oh and the last time I chopped it short...was after the big breakup. I had been "told" never to cut it short. So what's the first thing I do to show him how over we were? I chopped it! Tee hee.
The Shortest my hair has been in a very long time.
Please don't look at my messy old apartment. This is ca.2006 

So that is Day 11! Woo hoo! Posting again tomorrow! This lil' Stone is rolling off to bed! Ta ta for now!

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