Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thirty Days of Truths: Day 12

Ooooh la la. We have stumbled upon Day 12: Something you never get compliments on

That is an interesting one. I have had a hard time thinking about this post. To say never is quite the finite thing...and I suppose if I never get compliments on it, then I probably wouldn't notice.

My first instinct is to say, well... nothing. But there has to be something. Oh, I know. My photography skills. Er rather, lack thereof.

I suppose I could just practice a bit more, and get better at taking photos. That is definitely something I never get compliments on. "Hey, Cassie- I think you are an awesome photographer and should get paid to do that" said no one. Ever.

Haha. So with that said. Go over to my Instagram page and check out my not so good photos of my life. ^_^

So I suppose that is something I can work on. That would be like me. I don't know how to do something, so I'm going to teach myself how, even if I only do it once. I probably would have been happy going through each and every course at Texas State...just so I could know about everything possible. I wonder how long that would take.... too long. And it would also take me too long to figure it out. >.<

I think people tend to underestimate the power of knowledge. I think that by being an eternal student, we have to potential to learn and do so much. Too many people are stuck in a rut and go through life saying "if only" or "I wish" or even "I bet I could" I see people who are artists of the painting kind and I think to myself "self. You know-you could have stayed in art and tried a bit more, then you could make something cool for your man" But then I think, wow. That would take a lot of time...let's go bake. And I make him his favorite snickerdoodles or some gooey chocolate chip cookies from scratch since boxes and premade cookie dough never come in this house. I'll leave the painting to the people that put all that time into practicing. Which leads me to believe that you can never know the worth of an object or talent until one is presented with the task itself. Only then can you find the true value of it's creation and existence. So to those that think "I can do better" when they see a piece of art, or a wedding cake... then go try! You never know-with time and patience you just might be able to, but there is that chance that you step back and say "whoa, maybe not. I'll leave that masterpiece cake baking to the professional(person who's spent time making it a career)" might find yourself a new profession! Haha. to go work on my photography skills. But don't worry...I prefer to leave the real stuff up to the professionals. I never could have photographed our wedding as well as our guy Paul did!

Oh yeah......
On a side note, I had quite the scare last night. I was um...chopping through some frozen celery because I forgot to get it out with the rest of the ingredients, and wanted it in the pot NOW.

...and I umm...kind of let the knife slip out of my cold wet hands while slicing the hard, icy, frozen celery. I thought it cut my finger and dropped the knife completely- when I realized that my foot was right under where I dropped it.

In a split second, which felt like an eternity I jumped up and out of the way, as sparks and a big reddish bluegreen burst through the kitchen (I think I discovered how to make ball lightning).

Me and the family as the ball of lightening burst through the kitchen

Oh, yea...funny story...
 I squeaked, and looked to see the damage...I had all my fingers and all my toes! YAY! But oh NO!

My computer cord had been sliced right through by the precious wedding knife we were blessed with! It was my sharpest knife, of course. Only the best for recklessly chopping frozen vegetables, natürlich!

So then....I think- if it did that to the cord, what about my poor knife!?

As you can see ------------->
It melted a perfect little hole in the blade. Still sharp. Still works. But now it has a story to make it completely worth of the Stone's House of Love.

Because if it can't survive the worst conditions it won't survive this house. haha! We! Are! Sparta!

Oh, okay... not really. But it seems to be a pattern in this house. Everything has a great story. Even us.

So, with all that said about the things I don't get complimented on...that is the end of Day 12!

I'd love to know what you don't get compliments on, or if you are doing the challenge-leave me your link!

Time for me to roll on....thanks for reading!! ^_^


So my dear neighbor and friend (we'll call her Miss. Mack), who just told me she's read this post. Uh  Missy, you know you can post a comment, right? Let a gal have some luv on here.... And that she's always been thinking to herself that the Pics I've posted on Instagram are good. Well, some of them. LOL I think a couple of these might have been what she was talking about. Is this what you've been talking about Miss. Mack? 

And if you don't like that can tell me so. On here. Otherwise I'll just keep on calling you that. HAHA! 
 <3 <3 <3 .......Mrs. Stone <3 ^_^

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